I had my gall bladder removed this morning. The surgery appears to have gone well, and I expect to be home tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some writing prompts to keep us all busy.

Writing Skill Builder (A Quick Exercise)
Write a recipe for something you know how to make.

Poetry Prompt
Write a poem that involves looking out of a window.

Short Story / Fast Fiction Prompt
Write a story in which one character is looking forward to an event another character is dreading.

Essay / Non-Fiction Prompt
Write a thirty-minute timed essay arguing for or against a parenting technique.

How to Participate

The prompts are for your own practice and development. You don’t have to show anyone. If you would like to leave your response in the comments on this site, that would be fine. If you would like to post them in the comments on my Facebook Page, that is also good. If the response gets sufficiently large, I will consider creating a Facebook Group so that there is a contained area to interact, but for now the first two options are available.

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