Today is a good day to rhyme. It’s a glorious Sunday afternoon (sorry I didn’t get to this sooner) and therefore a great day to have some fun. There will be no serious subjects today. The form I am about to promote just can’t handle anything like that. It is just for fun.

If you feel the absolute urge to rhyme, then Skeltonic Verse (also known as Tumbling Verse) is the way to go. The rules of Skeltonic Verse are simple.

Keep the line lengths between three and six words.

Every end word rhymes with the last until you start a new set of rhymes: heart, fart, tart, smart, cart, start, line, shine, dine, mine, sign, vine.

Keep the same rhyme until it starts to lose its energy/impact.

The poem should have energy and be fun.

Skeltonic Verse is named after its creator, English poet John Skelton (1460-1529). Skelton tutored King Henry the Eighth when he was just a prince, spent time in prison, was censured by the Church and in general, seemed to have a great amount of fun.

Today’s Poetry Prompt

Write a poem using Skeltonic Verse.

The Cash Dash

I’ve had six jobs
Writing for snobs
With yammering gobs
And digital fobs
Behind steel doors
The cubicles soar
For floors and floors
Filled with bores
And corporate whores
All keeping score
I hunt and peck
I write the dreck
I fill the deck
Up to my neck
Until I wreck
Hey what the heck
I should douse
This little grouse
After all it bought my house

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