Writing Prompts #19

Here are some powerful prompts to help you take a step towards better writing.

Writing Skill Builder (A Quick Exercise)

Pick a normal daily activity, such as brushing your teeth or checking your mail, and write a step-by-step guide to performing that activity. Try to break the activity up into as many distinct steps as possible.

Poetry Prompt

Write a poem that refers to two distinctly different types of power.

Short Story / Fast Fiction Prompt

Write a story that begins in a courthouse.

Essay / Non-Fiction Prompt

Write about your experiences with kissing.

How to Participate

The prompts are for your own practice and development. You don’t have to show anyone. If you would like to leave your response in the comments on this site, that would be fine. If you would like to post them in the comments on my Facebook Page, that is also good. If the response gets sufficiently large, I will consider creating a Facebook Group so that there is a contained area to interact, but for now the first two options are available.

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