Welcome to 2018

Greetings and Welcome to 2018.

For the new year I have brought back daily writing prompts. I am hoping to keep that up for the whole year, and right now I have over a month of buffer, so I am off to a good start.

I have also done away with display ads. There are still a few affiliate links to Amazon and such, but otherwise PoeWar is ad free.

Instead of relying on ads, I have created a Patreon account through which you can support the site and get added benefits.

Those benefits include:

  • Access to my fiction, poetry, and other writings. While I will post some if it here, the Patreon site will be very active.
  • The ability to post your responses to my prompts in a “gated community” rather than in public comments.
  • With higher levels of support, access to a special Chat Room and the ability to get direct feedback on your work.

Membership costs as little as a dollar, and I think you will be getting a lot for your money, so please take a look.


Become a Patron!

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