Today’s Reading List – Flipping Naked Edition

Hi to all my happy readers! I apologize for the lack of job posts over the past couple of days. The Internet is down at my house so I am having to make due with my new iPad. When I got my iPad a month ago, one of the nicest surprises was an application called FlipBoard. It’s a simple enough program on the surface. It is essentially a feedreader, just like Google Reader, except that it makes the articles look good. you feel like your reading a well-crafted online magazine, even when you’re just scrolling through twitter comments. It is now the first thing I check when I grab my iPad. Keep that in mind if you happen to read the first article on today’s reading list.

Flipboard wants to be the newsstand of the future from GigaOM by Mathew Ingram

Tips for Being Effective and Efficient While “Working Naked” from Business Blogs by Lisa Kanarek

5 Ways I’m Using LinkedIn – to Drive Traffic, Build Community, Generate Sales and Build Influence from ProBlogger Blog Tips by Darren Rowse

Why You’re More Likely to Die After Getting Paid from Freakonomics by Matthew Philips

When to Capitalize Words for Compass Points from Fiction Writing | Daily Writing Tips by Mark Nichol

Marketing Lessons From Seth Godin from Twist Image By Mitch Joel

9 Ways To Improve Your Body As Quickly As Possible from Stepcase Lifehack by SydneyJohnston

When it’s Time to Kill Your Blog? from Daily Blog Tips by Guest Author Adam Mello

Books – A Dying Tradition? from The Urban Muse by Oliver Archibald

50 Questions to Ask Yourself after 6 Months of Freelancing from FreelanceFolder by Laura Spencer

Use Your Whole Mind to Get to Greatness from Dumb Little Man – Tips for Life by DLM Writers

Increase productivity by doing 50% less from Awaken Your Superhero by Christopher S Penn

Four Financial Realities of Being in a Relationship from The Simple Dollar by Trent

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