Ten facts about me, John Hewitt

I get a lot of visitors to my blog, far more than I ever expect, but very few know much about me or my blog so I thought today I would provide ten quick facts about me.

  1. I was born in the late sixties, which puts me in my forties and firmly a member of Generation X.
  2. I have over fifteen years of experience as a technical writer.
  3. Other jobs I’ve held include lobbyist, web developer, help desk support, teacher, trainer, newspaper editor and video store clerk.
  4. I watch too much television. Once, for jury duty, I had to name every television show I watch. My answer took several minutes.
  5. My first computer was a Commodore VIC-20. Not counting computers that I’ve bought to resell, I have owned twenty-two computers over the past thirty years.
  6. I created my first web site in 1993 and created the poewar domain in 1999. Poewar, by the way, is short for poet warrior, and was used as my video game handle in the eighties.
  7. I have a Master’s Degree in English
  8. I have a scar on my right thumb from when I was five years old and decided to peel my own orange with a steak knife.
  9. I have terrible handwriting
  10. I have been married for almost six years. My wife is a social worker.

5 thoughts on “Ten facts about me, John Hewitt

  1. I have a Master’s Degree in English, too. I was born in the early sixties. My 50th birthday is coming up in late February. Oh yeah, my headwriting sucks. It really, truly sux.

  2. Hey Craig,

    I do live and (finally) work in Tucson. I spent much of the past ten years working in Phoenix, although I could never bring myself to live there.

  3. You and I share a few eerie similarities. I was 1961. I don’t have a tiny scar where I broke my right thunb when I was a kid (fell off my bike). I have a BS in biology. I read a lot. A whole lot. I love books. I intended to go into publishing and work my way up to book editor, but I came along just when the industry was imploding. I got into proofreading and copyediting. I got a job at at tiny database company at the dawn of the Web age, in 1993. I started as data entry, and learned enough to work my way into database management. I kept notes on the processes I developed and got into tech writing that way. Being computer literate and knowing how to write is a good thing. BTW, you live and work in Tucson, correct?

  4. Ha! I, too, started my computing life on the old Commodore ViC 20! Looking back, I’m not sure I understand why way back then they could fit the whole computer, including cartridge and joystick ports, into the keyboard, but years later laptops were “invented” and became an incredible “leap forward” in making personal computers more personal and portable? As long as your hotel room had a TV, you could throw your old VIC 20 in a bookbag and take it with on a trip… Of course, I might be seeing those memories through rose-colored glasses. I was 5 or 6 when we bought it. :)

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