2010 Average Salaries for Writers and Editors

See Also: Can You Make Money Writing Novels? This is a list of the average salaries for a number of writing and editing professions. The figures represent typical scales for a mid-sized metropolitan area in the United States. Larger markets tend to pay more and smaller markets tend to pay less. Remember that these are typical salaries for people who are employed by other companies. There is a much greater income variation among people who freelance or own their own businesses. Note: These figures were compiled using a variety of sources including salary information at indeed.com, salary.com, stc.org. Acquisitions Editor: … Continue reading 2010 Average Salaries for Writers and Editors

Is your Writing Career Financially Sustainable?

Whether you are a freelance copywriter, a contract technical writer or a full-time reporter, you should be considering the financial sustainability of your career. There are many types of writing careers, and there are issues to be faced in every one of them. Even the safest sounding of careers can have sustainability issues. Much of it depends on you, and the way you approach your career. How long do you need your career to be sustainable? When considering the sustainability of your career there are some questions you need to ask. The first question is how long do I want … Continue reading Is your Writing Career Financially Sustainable?

Have you read my most popular articles?

Here is a list of the most popular articles from Poewar.com over the past year along with the number of page views they have received. I’ve added a few thoughts on why I think they were successful. Get on the bandwagon and take a look! How to Write a Query Letter – 60,334 Page Views This is a fairly exhaustive article with plenty of tips and a sample letter. It offers good advice that many writers need. It has been a top performer for years. Poetry Writing Tips — 48,344 Page View This was my first big hit on the … Continue reading Have you read my most popular articles?

College Majors for Aspiring Writers

See Also: How to Choose a Major and Minor for a Career in Writing I recently posted a list of MFA programs for writers. Those programs are great for graduate students, but what about students who are just entering college with a writing career in mind? There are so many directions for students to go in. Some people even think that writers should study something besides writing. For example, a person who studies history will get plenty of opportunities to write while in college, and by learning about history they will learn about something that they could actually write about. … Continue reading College Majors for Aspiring Writers