Copywriting Basics: Writing to Sell

A copywriter writes documents (copy) intended to sell, entice, influence, persuade, or educate consumers about a product or service. This writing can take many forms. These include, but are not limited to, advertisements, brochures, product announcements, press releases, speeches, data sheets, product packaging, sales letters, scripts, presentations, mailings, web sites, flyers, and even menus. Continue reading Copywriting Basics: Writing to Sell

Freelance Writing Advice

If you want to have a career as a freelance writer, you need to view it as a business. Freelance writing involves making sales. Being a salesperson means risking rejection. There will always be better writers than you, and there will always be writers who are worse than you but make more money. Concentrate on your own career. Create an environment that you can work comfortably in. Consider anything that makes it easier to accomplish your job to be an investment. If you need privacy to work, find a way to get it. There are plenty of portable tools for … Continue reading Freelance Writing Advice

Working From Home

By Gwyneth Box Many people decide that they are going to work from home when they go freelance. This is especially tempting when the work involved is something that requires little office infrastructure, such as freelance writing or computer design. It’s easy to think that a spare bedroom can be converted into a studio and that will be sufficient. But can this really work? There are, of course, a list of advantages to working from home that everyone cites: there’s no time lost in commuting, and no travel expenses; it’s a way of making money out of the spare room … Continue reading Working From Home

How to Create an Article or Blog Idea Log

By John Hewitt Some writers know exactly what they want to say. They merely have to start typing and passion flows from them. This doesn’t necessarily mean they write well, but they don’t sit around wondering what to write about. Most writers, however, need a little prodding. Sometimes they have great ideas, and sometimes they stare at their computer screen waiting for something to come to them. If you fall into the second category, you can reduce your time spent staring at the screen by creating a log of your good ideas when they come to you. You can also … Continue reading How to Create an Article or Blog Idea Log

How to Make Deadlines Work for You

By Susan K. Perry, Ph.D. Some of us hate deadlines of any kind: they feel like pressure. Others can’t get a thing done without that pressure. What’s going on here? I interviewed 76 really topnotch novelists and poets when I was working on my book Writing in Flow. One of the most inspiring things I learned is that writing feels like play when you’re motivated intrinsically. That is, when you’re doing what you want to do, not because someone is MAKING you do it, it feels great. When you’re intensely involved in the writing process itself, with little or no … Continue reading How to Make Deadlines Work for You

Today’s Reading List – Magically Appearing Phone Edition

Two weeks ago, my phone broke. It was a cheap phone. It wasn’t smart in any way. You simply don’t need a smartphone when you have an iPad at your disposal. I thought about getting a new phone, but for the past two weeks, it’s actually been quite nice getting by without one. There’s an old saying that I like. “Wherever you go, there you are.” For me, the past two weeks, that saying has been true again. Whenever I travel with a cell phone, a part of me is on a leash. At any moment, anyone with my number … Continue reading Today’s Reading List – Magically Appearing Phone Edition

Today’s Reading List – Semiotic Edition

Recently I have started to take an interest in semiotics. Semiotics is a fairly obscure branch of study that falls somewhere between linguistics, sociology and anthropology. It is, in essence, the study of signs and symbols. It is such a broad field that it can encompass a literal sign, a literary analogy, the way food is presented on a plate and the pattern of stories on your local newscast. I am far too much of a beginner to give any authoritative instructions on the subject, but it seems like a fascinating way to study the world, especially for a writer. … Continue reading Today’s Reading List – Semiotic Edition

Today’s Reading list – $20,000 Edition

It is six in the morning and I’m already hot and sweaty. Today promises to be an ridiculously hot day although there are thunderstorms predicted for the afternoon. If anyone in San Diego is looking for a technical writer, I’m willing to make the trip. Here’s some cool reading to keep your mind off the heat. Guy Kawasaki’s 5-Step Guide to Becoming an Enchanting Authority from Copyblogger by Kelly Erickson Agencies Becoming Publishers–a Trend and a Problem from Writer Beware Blogs! by Victoria Strauss Ten Things Every Beginning Developer Should Know from FreelanceFolder by Amber Weinberg How to Build an … Continue reading Today’s Reading list – $20,000 Edition