How to use the Web to Find Writing Jobs

Revised 1/4/20010 In the days before the web, job searches could be difficult, slow, and in many cases expensive. Your main free resource was your local newspaper classifieds, and it only told you what jobs were being advertised. The classifieds didn’t have a word to say about how to get those jobs. To get career and job search information as a job seeker you needed to visit career counselors, employment agencies and job services. The web has made the process of finding a job much easier. There is just as much work involved as before (maybe more) but there is … Continue reading How to use the Web to Find Writing Jobs

What major/degree is required to become a Technical Writer?

See Also: College Majors for Aspiring Writers There are no specific degree requirements for a position in technical writing. Many technical writers have writing-related degrees such as English, creative writing or journalism. Others have degrees in fields that employ technical writers such as engineering, chemistry, computer science, aerospace, or biology. Some technical writers have completely unrelated degrees. These writers get into the business either by being promoted within the same company or hired because of industry knowledge gained on another job. Writing skill, industry knowledge and tools knowledge are what counts in a technical writing job search. Common Majors: Technical … Continue reading What major/degree is required to become a Technical Writer?

Will The Recession Hurt Your Writing Career?

The recession is starting to get painful I know that there are some people out there who don’t think that we’re in a recession. Some of those same people believe that a 700 billion dollar bailout of the financial caretakers who made bad bets with our money is a good idea. What I know is that my 401k is down 18% over the past year and it wasn’t due to me taking a whole bunch of chances. I chose the most conservative portfolio my company offered. I know that my company’s stock value, despite the company making its financial projections, … Continue reading Will The Recession Hurt Your Writing Career?

Include the word right or rights in your poem

As you near the end of PD30, you may be wondering what to do with all of the poems you have written. You can submit them to contests and publications, or course. You can also create a chapbook. Chapbooks are very common among self-publishing poets and small presses because they are both easy to create and inexpensive to produce, especially if you have some desktop publishing skill. A chapbook is a book that created by folding standard 8 1/2 x 11 (The size varies outside of the United States) paper in half so that you create a shape close to … Continue reading Include the word right or rights in your poem

Write about something in your life that you do every day

I live about 60 miles from where I work. This is actually an improvement in my commute. During last year’s PD30, I lived 110 miles from where I worked, so I had to stay in hotels during the week. This year, at a mere 60 miles, I can make the drive. It takes about an hour on the freeway. That means I spend a lot of time (at least two hours a day) on the road, driving through the desert. Consequently, I have written several poems about driving through the desert. Driving through the desert is what I do, so … Continue reading Write about something in your life that you do every day

Wrap Your Naked Statistics in a Warm Blanket of Meaning

Article By Andrew Dlugan Including facts and statistics in your article lends credibility to your assertions and grounds them in reality. Quoting a statistic from a credible source means that your arguments are no longer just your arguments: you stand united with experts. However, a naked statistic – one provided without any meaningful context – leads to confusion rather than clarity. Numbers are often too large to grasp by themselves. Unless your audience are experts in the field, they won’t be able to intelligently interpret the statistic. You might get a momentary “wow” factor for a big number, but it … Continue reading Wrap Your Naked Statistics in a Warm Blanket of Meaning

Eight Tips for Writing a Division Essay

See Also: A List of Essay Writing Don’ts The purpose of the division essay, also known as the classification essay or the division and classification essay, is to separate things into categories. For example, you might write about diseases that have similar symptoms, categories of comedy, or causes behind social unrest. The key to a division essay to discuss the differences and delineations between things that are in many ways similar or contribute toward a similar whole. Here are some tips to help you write a division essay: A division essay must contain at least three categories. When you have … Continue reading Eight Tips for Writing a Division Essay

Working on Group Technical Writing Projects

After two months of graphical edits, I am finally nearing publication of the documents I have been hacking at since last October. At this point, all that is left is to make the documents as readable and attractive as is possible under the circumstances. The people on my team are examining each document — looking for grammar errors, spelling errors, and formatting errors. We caught most of the errors during earlier edits, but the point of this pass is to ensure that the documents are ready for publication. The documents we are working on are not meant for the public, … Continue reading Working on Group Technical Writing Projects