Creating a Character Bio Sheet

Character bio sheets are not only a simple way to create characters, they are a great way to keep track of the characters you develop. When you write a longer work, such as a novel or screenplay, it is easy to forget minor character details. If you aren’t careful, the blue eyes you described on page five can turn to brown eyes by the end of page eighty. Using a character bio sheet, you can record all of the essential details for your characters and keep them in a single place so that you can check those details whenever necessary. … Continue reading Creating a Character Bio Sheet

Five Sad Realities of Site Advertising

I blog for a living. This isn’t the easiest of tasks. Sure, I do a bit of freelancing as well, but my blog has to pay the bills. That’s why there are ads on my site. When you run ads on a site, you have to live with a few realities. I’ve decided to discuss them briefly so that other bloggers can benefit from my ten years of dealing with site advertising. Your readers hold you responsible for your advertisers Readers associate your ads with your blog and with you as a blogger. This is true of blogging more than … Continue reading Five Sad Realities of Site Advertising

A Basic Guide to Time and Task Management

Freelance writers live and die by their time and task management skills. This is especially true of freelancers who write for sites such as Demand Studios. Demand Studios gives writers at least one great advantage. Writers don’t have to spend time marketing themselves and landing clients. They have thousands of assignments to choose from at any one time. Writers can focus on content creation rather than marketing and publicity. That is a great advantage, but there are also challenges that come along with that advantage. The key challenge is time and task management. As a writer you will be juggling … Continue reading A Basic Guide to Time and Task Management

Successful Freelance Writers Say No

Successful freelance writers know when to say No. That means that they have the willpower to tell people they won’t do the things that can sabotage their success. For some freelance writers the list is different than for others. Some writers freelance precisely because they want certain freedoms and they want to be available to do certain things. In general though, it is easy to pick out what to say no to. No, I won’t reduce my rate I work hard and I know how much money I need to live the way I want. Thats why my rates are … Continue reading Successful Freelance Writers Say No

Negative Self Talk for Writers: Blaming

Blaming occurs when you assign responsibility for your problems or the events in your life to another person rather than accept personal responsibility for your situation. Writers might blame instructors for bad grades, editors for rejections, reviewers for bad reviews, family members for interrupting them, and friends or colleagues for denigrating their work. The list is substantial. I don’t mean to imply that other people don’t do negative things. They do. The problem occurs when you let an action or attitude from someone else be the blame for your results or lack of effort, especially if the offence was minor. … Continue reading Negative Self Talk for Writers: Blaming

Blogging as a Publishing Business: Subject Matter Blogs

Subject matter blogs are about a single topic or a series of related topics. Often the topic is technical, financial, professional, or cultural. Examples of topics include: consumer products such as cameras or phones, celebrities, career fields, and investments. Virtually any topic can become a subject matter blog, but if you want to make money at it you will need to find a topic that is at least moderately popular and has some appeal to advertisers. The distinguishing characteristic of a subject matter blog is that the blog is about that subject and only about that subject. This makes it … Continue reading Blogging as a Publishing Business: Subject Matter Blogs