Freelance Writing Advice

If you want to have a career as a freelance writer, you need to view it as a business. Freelance writing involves making sales. Being a salesperson means risking rejection. There will always be better writers than you, and there will always be writers who are worse than you but make more money. Concentrate on your own career. Create an environment that you can work comfortably in. Consider anything that makes it easier to accomplish your job to be an investment. If you need privacy to work, find a way to get it. There are plenty of portable tools for … Continue reading Freelance Writing Advice

Know it or Blow it: Querying a Publication

Know the Publication’s Guidelines The easiest way to find out what a publication wants is to let them tell you. Many publications post their writer’s guidelines on their web site. If you can’t find the guidelines on the web, contact one of the editors and ask for them to email or snail mail you the guidelines. don’t be afraid to call or email for more information. A publication directory such as Writer’s Market can be helpful for your initial search, but don’t rely on them for all of your information. Any number of things can change between the publication of … Continue reading Know it or Blow it: Querying a Publication

Monster List of Freelancing Tips

You may not find everything on this list useful, but surely you’ll find something on this list that is worth your time. Successful freelance writers don’t underprice their services. Charging too little not only hurts the freelancer, it hurts the whole freelance industry. When you underprice your services, you make it harder for other freelancers to charge a reasonable rate. Successful freelance writers don’t overprice their services. There are plenty of writers out there willing to work for next to nothing. It is a plague on the industry. Unfortunately, this means that when you overcharge for your services, it is … Continue reading Monster List of Freelancing Tips

How to Get Christian Writing Jobs

By Annagail Lynes The Christian market is booming with new opportunities every day. I never thought that I would be a Christian writer. I always I dreamed of being a novelist, getting up every morning at ten, dressed in my ratty old robe, drinking coffee as I sat down at my computer to type out my latest novel. I had been writing short stories since I was thirteen–everything from romances to mysteries. I sent out my work to various magazines, took many fiction-writing classes, but always hit rejection. Then, I discovered a place on the Internet called Writer’s Gallery, a … Continue reading How to Get Christian Writing Jobs

How to Write Quality Query Letters: Do your research

A good query letter can mean the difference between a rejection and a sale. In the days of email and web clients, many writers have lowered their standards. They dash out quick notes rather than make formal queries. They use casual language and give only brief explanations of what they plan to do. For some people, this works. Two dozen quick, badly written queries may be more cost effective than one well-crafted query. If you do care about quality though, and want to show that you are a quality writer with a solid idea, than this series is for you. … Continue reading How to Write Quality Query Letters: Do your research

Benevolent Dictators: The Truth About Editors

By Kelly Boyer Sagert You must be: Wildly creative, while following the precise rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation Assertive with editors, while sticking to their exact guidelines And you must be willing to: Keep an editor up to date with your progress, without bothering her Work hard on a project, with no guarantee of another assignment For seven years, I worked as a freelance writer, toiling under that unspoken job description – and it was tough treading those invisible boundaries with editors. Then, in 1997, I became the managing editor of Northern Ohio’s Over the Back Fence. My position … Continue reading Benevolent Dictators: The Truth About Editors

Writing for City Web Sites

By Chad Morelli Right now, in a small cubicle on the second floor of the city hall building in your town, there is a web content editor who is frustrated, angry, and tremendously stressed. And why is our poor friend having such a bad day? Why has he alone been subjected to the terrible anxiety that comes with managing a web site? Why must he endure the pressure and constant worry of formulating quality content each week for his city’s citizens to view? At least one reason for this tragedy lies in the fact that many freelance writers have not … Continue reading Writing for City Web Sites

Negative Self Talk for Writers: Fairesy

Fairesy occurs when you feel angry or resentful because you think that someone (or the world) has treated you unfairly. This happens frequently in the writing world when you feel that someone is benefiting from your work without proper credit or compensation. It also happens when you feel your work is being rejected or condemned for seemingly arbitrary reasons or when you believe that you are being held to a different standard than someone else. Here is an example of fairesy: Poor self talk: It isn’t fair! I just picked up the latest copy of Magazine X and they are … Continue reading Negative Self Talk for Writers: Fairesy