Have you read my most popular articles?

Here is a list of the most popular articles from Poewar.com over the past year along with the number of page views they have received. I’ve added a few thoughts on why I think they were successful. Get on the bandwagon and take a look! How to Write a Query Letter – 60,334 Page Views This is a fairly exhaustive article with plenty of tips and a sample letter. It offers good advice that many writers need. It has been a top performer for years. Poetry Writing Tips — 48,344 Page View This was my first big hit on the … Continue reading Have you read my most popular articles?

Guest Blogger Prize Winners

Before I prattle on about the contest let me just announce the winners: Most Page Views — $250 Lillie Ammann, author of Get Rid of Ugly Wordiness: How to Cut Your Novel Down to Size Random Drawing — $50 David Jace, author of Writing as a God As many of you know, June was guest blogging month. As part of guest blogging month, I offered a $250 prize to the author of the blog entry that gathered the most direct page views. The direct page view, of course, is only one way that articles get read. Some people read articles … Continue reading Guest Blogger Prize Winners

Get Rid of Ugly Wordiness: How to Cut Your Novel Down to Size

Article by Lillie Ammann When a writer contacted me to edit his 164,000 word novel, I told him publishers don’t like books that long. We discussed the possibility of breaking the novel into two separate stories. However, when I read the manuscript, I realized the word count could be cut dramatically. He was appalled at the thought-he’d worked hard on every one of those words, and he knew each one had to be there. We agreed to experiment with the first chapter. Although I usually use Track Changes to show my suggestions, we decided I would send him a clean … Continue reading Get Rid of Ugly Wordiness: How to Cut Your Novel Down to Size

Please Welcome My Guest Bloggers

PoeWar.com is now entering Guest Blogging Mode. While I go off to visit my spirit animal and play some blackjack, some wonderful bloggers have agreed to fill in. They are involved in a friendly competition to see who can get the most response, so please be kind to them. Read their articles. Leave lots of encouraging comments. If you find an article you particularly like, link to it or promote it through your favorite social media. The article that gets the best response wins $250, so I know these bloggers will appreciate any help you can give them. I know … Continue reading Please Welcome My Guest Bloggers