One Writer’s Experiences with Demand Studios

Suzannah over at Write it Sideways has a very good article about Demand Studios (my former sponsor) discussing whether it is a scam or legitimate freelancing. Her opinion is similar to mine. Demand Studios is not a scam. The worst they can be accused of is a bit of hyperbole in their advertising and PR, and I have yet to encounter a company that doesn’t do that. The pay at Demand Studios is low, but not rock-bottom, and it is possible to make a living writing there. Make no mistake, you won’t get rich, but I think it is a … Continue reading One Writer’s Experiences with Demand Studios

How to Treat Your Writing Like a Business

If you want writing to be your career, whether you want to be a copywriter or a poet, you need to treat writing like a business. This can be hard for creative people. Writers like to write. Most writers don’t get into writing because they love business. Unfortunately, if you want to be a success, you have to realize that you are in a business and that the more you know how to conduct yourself as a businessperson, the more you’ll be able to take advantage of writing opportunities and see projects through to completion. You sell a product If … Continue reading How to Treat Your Writing Like a Business

Freelancing Means Customer Service

OK, Freelancing doesn’t mean customer service, but if you want to be a successful freelancer, you’d better be prepared to provide great customer service. This is day two of my discussion of, Write for the Web! A Beginner’s Guide to Writing on the Internet. This e-book was created by the men behind Men With Pens. They wanted me to take a look at it and give them my thoughts, so I am sharing my thoughts with you. The Pen Men list eight keys to great customer service: Be courteous — professionally and socially Be responsive Be friendly Be confident Be … Continue reading Freelancing Means Customer Service

5 Reasons I Love Blogging More than Freelancing

If I had two kids, Blogging and Freelancing, Blogging would get most of the attention. I would play catch with Blogging in the backyard. I would let Blogging sit in the front seat (and yell at Freelancing for fidgeting). If I could only afford braces for one of them, Blogging would get them. Why? I don’t have to send out query letters I would rather be writing articles than query letters. It is just that simple. The process of querying publishers or potential clients can take months and there is no guarantee it will lead to a sale. With blogging, … Continue reading 5 Reasons I Love Blogging More than Freelancing

How to Sell Articles to Daily and Weekly Newspapers

Article by Phil Philcox Give or take a few thousand, there are over 23,000 daily and weekly newspapers in the United States. Weekly newspapers are published for the most part in small towns where there is no competition from large dailies. A weekly newspaper survives with advertising from local businesses, offering rates that are far below that of a daily newspaper. Of course, weeklies have a limited readership, so they reach a local audience with local news and local advertising. Operating on a budget, many weeklies have a small staff and there are weeklies that have 1-2 people doing everything … Continue reading How to Sell Articles to Daily and Weekly Newspapers