Writing Prompts #10

Today’s writing prompts are ready to get you to color your writing talents. Writing Skill Builder (A Quick Exercise) Describe the color of an object near you without ever naming what that color is. Poetry Prompt Write a poem about a rivalry. Short Story / Fast Fiction Prompt Write a story in which one character reveals an unusual talent that another character has. Essay / Non-Fiction Prompt Write about an experience you had that involved birds. How to Participate The prompts are for your own practice and development. You don’t have to show anyone. If you would like to leave … Continue reading Writing Prompts #10

7 Secrets to a Striking Essay

Article by Jeanne Dininni The mere mention of the term “essay” is enough to strike fear in even the stoutest heart. That simple, unassuming word conjures horrific visions of endless hallways teeming with students, bodies packed into classrooms like sardines, legendary cafeteria food (and cafeteria food fights), schoolyard bullies, and massive amounts of unnecessary homework. It’s easy to see why, for many, the essay is a topic-and a chapter of their lives-they’d really rather forget. But, is the much-maligned essay really unique to the academic world, or is it simply misunderstood? Does it actually show up in other venues, as … Continue reading 7 Secrets to a Striking Essay

A Totally Overboard Guide to Essay and Paper Writing on the Web

The Basics of Essay Writing General 12 Tips for Writing Your Essay Paper 7 Secrets to a Striking Essay A List of Essay Writing Don’ts Why My Attempts at Nonfiction Essays in Grad School Bombed Outlines Examples of Essay Outlines Essay Outline A Perfect Essay Outline Outline for Essay Writing The Structure Of The Essay Outline Creating an Outline for an Essay Organize Your Ideas How to Make and Use an Essay Outline How to Write an Outline Thesis Statements Thesis Statement Establish Your Topic How To Write a Thesis Statement The Thesis Statement Developing a Thesis Statement What is … Continue reading A Totally Overboard Guide to Essay and Paper Writing on the Web

How to Write Personal Essays and Opinion Pieces

By Lois J. Peterson See Also: 7 Secrets to a Striking Essay All I wanted was a pair of boots for plodding around my muddy garden. The local shopping mall offered rubber boots for girls, boys, and men. And low-cut high-gloss “fashion boots” for women. The outdoors shop had a good stock of rubber boots for kids, steel-toed boots for men, and hiking boots for women. At the secondhand store I found rubber boots for men, rubber boots for children, and a pair of women’s pink nylon boots that wouldn’t get me through the first puddle. I finally found a … Continue reading How to Write Personal Essays and Opinion Pieces

How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

By Victoria Walker The first step in writing an essay is to determine a topic and a point of view. Your essay’s point of view may be to persuade the reader to share your beliefs on the topic, it may try to explain how to complete a certain task, or it may try to familiarize or educate the reader about the topic. Or it could take a completely different approach. Every good essay should contain the following parts: Outline of the topic Introduction Thesis Body (Consist of 3-6 Paragraphs) Conclusion Outline To create an outline, list your topic at the … Continue reading How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Welcome to PoeWar

Finding Work Using the Web to Find Writing Jobs Glossary of Writing Careers Writing / Editing Average Salaries How to Find Publishing Industry Jobs How to Find Technical Writing Jobs Writing Exercises 12 Exercises for Improving Dialogue Fifteen Craft Exercises for Writers Autobiographical Writing: Childhood Poetry Poetry Forms and Terms Rhythm and Stress A Brief Glossary of Meter More Poetic Terms How to Write A Cinquain How to Write an Epistle How to Write a Tercet How to Write an Acrostic How to Write a Persona Poem How to Write an Elegy How to Write Syllabic Verse How to Write … Continue reading Welcome to PoeWar