Today’s Reading List – Google+ Tips Edition

Six Quick Tips for Google+ Ignore the “Notifications” graphic that magically appears at the top of all your Google pages. Clicking on it is a waste of time. Just let it be. Please don’t let things “Hang Out” when you use the Hangouts feature. That’s what Chat Roulette is for. Create a Hell circle, so that, if you want, you can send somebody to a Circle of Hell. If you start to smell gas fumes, do not click on Sparks, just to be safe. Don’t add Mark Zuckerberg to your circles. It’s not nice to tease billionaires. Don’t take it … Continue reading Today’s Reading List – Google+ Tips Edition

Today’s Reading List – Way too much Google+ Edition

I’d love to give you my opinions about the new Google+, but unlike EVERYONE else int he blogging community, I haven’t gotten to use it yet. No invite for John. So, for those of us on the outside, I am posting the next best thing — a virtual ton of links to posts about Google+. Someday, if I get on, I’ll be sure to tell you what I think. Le’ts start with a comic from the wonderful XKCD. And Now the Links Is Google+ a Game Changer? from Kommein by Deb Ng Why I’m Rooting For Google+ from A VC … Continue reading Today’s Reading List – Way too much Google+ Edition

Angry Birds and Bloggers

Like much of the world, I recently found myself obsessed with the game Angry Birds (aff). It’s available on several mobile platforms, but I play on my iPod Touch. It’s a fun game in which you launch birds (why a flying creature needs to be launched, I’m not sure) at various structures trying to defeat the green pigs that have stolen your eggs. I was obsessed with it for about a week until I hit a level that I just could not beat. After about 60 attempts I figured out that I could actually go back to having a life, … Continue reading Angry Birds and Bloggers

Big Mistakes, the Benefits of Being Wrong, Competition, and the Fire Hydrant

She talks about the phenomenon of ad blindness, which is people’s ability to ignore ads so effectively that they don’t even recall seeing them. It’s a problem web sites deal with all the time. People know where the ads are supposed to be and they just ignore them to the point that they don’t even see them and certainly don’t remember them later. The only way to break through is to say or do something that resonates. Continue reading Big Mistakes, the Benefits of Being Wrong, Competition, and the Fire Hydrant

A few things to say on a Monday

A few notes today: There’s a new post at the Resource Center. A discussion of Time and Task Management for Writers that includes input from Tom Johnson of I’d Rather be Writing as well as podcasts from some real experts on time and task management. Last week Deb Ng ran an excellent article called Getting Started in Blogging as part of the Writing Success Series. Check it out. Speaking of Deb Ng, she has decided to sell her truly fantastic site, FWJ ( She has decided to semi-retire from writing about writing, so that she can do more actual writing. … Continue reading A few things to say on a Monday

Why I am a man of two names

My friend Deb Ng over at FWJ recently wrote about the use of pen names by freelancers. She explained why she doesn’t use one (personal branding, vanity, and clips) but also noted the reasons some writers use them. Those reasons were: To avoid confusion To be taken seriously To distance yourself from your other works To switch gender identification To keep an employer from discovering your freelancing To have a separate online and offline persona For the most part, I have always written under my real name, but I must admit that there is some variation in the names I … Continue reading Why I am a man of two names

I’m Not Perfect and I Don’t Care Who Knows It!

I’m still working on the next installment of my series on my technical writing career, but in the meantime I wanted to address an article by Deb Ng over at Freelance FWJ. She points out, quite rightly, that when you make a statement on the Internet, either on your own blog, through a service like MySpace or Twitter or in a forum, the statement you make lives forever. Simply erasing it from the site won’t make it disappear. I agree. Stupidity can come back to haunt you. My problem is more with the issue that drove her to write the … Continue reading I’m Not Perfect and I Don’t Care Who Knows It!