Surprise! More Writing Articles

New Years Eve Snow in Tucson
New Years Eve Snow in Tucson

Howdy to my massive fan base. After my last missive, it would be odd if you suddenly started seeing a bunch of posts about writing again, wouldn’t it? It would? Ok.

The explanation is that there are still a bunch of old articles that didn’t get back up on the site after it got hacked a while back. I had completely forgotten about them, but ran across them yesterday. So, a bunch of “new” articles are about to come down the pike. Long time readers may have read them before, but nonetheless, I thought it would be a good idea to get them back out there. Why? Because Content!

On the topic of the fiction I plan to release, it is coming too. I am setting up a sub-site for my first release, and going over the story with my writing partner Leigh, who is thrilled whenever she gets mentioned, so I am mentioning her. The story, Model Home, is a dark comedy about paranoia, corporate intrigue, bad sex and home ownership. I am busy chopping it into bite-sized chunks (and rewriting what was essentially a first draft). Hoping for a launch date of February 1st.


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