Some Light Reading for a Friday

Here are a few good articles I’ve come across lately. I hope these get you through your Friday.

Who’s the Biggest Loser in E-Books? If you guessed the authors, you’re right, at least when it comes to major publishing companies. This one is from the Freakonomics guys, so I would give the article some weight.

Major Publisher Investment Advances Inkling as the Future of Digital Textbooks: The affordability of textbooks has become a major issue in colleges today. The work being done to digitize the process will help keep costs down and eliminate middlemen such as campus book stores.

Tips for returning to normal after a large disruption: Getting back in the saddle after a long disruption such as an illness or a personal crisis can be a challenge. This article has some good tips for dealing with the disruption and moving forward.

10 Top Tips to Combat Procrastination: There’s nothing earth-shattering about these tips, but you probably need to be reminded of them anyway.

4 Ways To Make Yourself Complete a Book: I especially like her advice for breaking out of a slump.

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