Poewar Announces Partnership with Freelance Writing Jobs and Demand Studios

An important change is coming to Poewar June 1st. I am proud to announce that Poewar is going to join forces with Freelance Writing Jobs to create a new Writer’s Success Resource Center. This center, sponsored by Demand Studios, will feature in-depth coverage of writing topics, with guest experts from across the blogging and professional writing spectrum.

Deb Ng at Freelance Writing Jobs has long been a friend of the site, and I am thrilled to be partnering with her on this series. Demand Studios, for those who don’t know, is a community of over 7,000 freelancers that creates articles and videos for sites such as ehow.com, livestrong.com, cracked.com, trails.com and many other sites. They also provide content for newspapers such as USA Today and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Demand Studios has kindly agreed to sponsor this series designed to help writers increase their skill sets and find new jobs.

Beginning June 1st, you can expect a major article and multi-media post to appear weekly. Freelance Writing Jobs and Poewar will alternate weeks, with Poewar providing the first post, an in depth-study of writing procedural “How-To” articles. These types of evergreen articles are a key to long-term success for most bloggers and web-content providers. Major writing bloggers James Chartrand of menwithpens.com, Tom Johnson of idratherbewriting.com will be providing advice and information for this first article.

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