One Writer’s Experiences with Demand Studios

Suzannah over at Write it Sideways has a very good article about Demand Studios (my former sponsor) discussing whether it is a scam or legitimate freelancing. Her opinion is similar to mine. Demand Studios is not a scam. The worst they can be accused of is a bit of hyperbole in their advertising and PR, and I have yet to encounter a company that doesn’t do that. The pay at Demand Studios is low, but not rock-bottom, and it is possible to make a living writing there. Make no mistake, you won’t get rich, but I think it is a great place for writers who don’t have a lot of experience and want to build up both their skills and their portfolio. Everyone has to start somewhere. Her article is very in-depth, I recommend reading it if you want to know more about what it is like to write for them. For those who don’t like them, I am working on an article about how bloggers can effectively compete with Demand Studios and other content mills in the How To / Evergreen content market. Look for it soon.

4 thoughts on “One Writer’s Experiences with Demand Studios

  1. Yeah, I’m ambivalent about DS, but I still mention them to those few newbie writers who write me with the “Oh my god, I’m about to be homeless, who can I write for pay?” Their pay schedule is a lifesaver.

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