John Hewitt’s News, Prompts and Thoughts #5

Hi everyone. I’ve been making some site changes lately. Once again, I have changed the look and feel of the site. I’ve also stopped posting individual jobs. There was a time when those seemed to drive a lot of traffic, but I think people have gotten used to other sources, and I just can’t devote the time to it and expect to write new material. Still, I don’t want to abandon people who are on the hunt for new gigs, so I am aggregating job ads in these posts. I hope it helps. You can also always visit to view new gigs.

I have a lot of writing in the pipeline, some of it is for this site, some of it I plan to publish on a new site, and some of it I plan to publish through Kindle. I’ll discuss those more in the next newsletter.



One of the interesting things about growing older is that you become conscious of how the language has changed over the course of your lifetime. Words get added to the language, words fall out of use, and sometime words change meaning or at least add new meanings. Catch phrases get popularized, and sometimes become so popular that people forget they come from pop culture. I think that if I magically traveled back in time and entered my 1983 body, I would say a lot of things that would confuse or at least raise the eyebrows of the people around me. I’d also miss my iPad. This brings me to the word because. While the meaning of the word because has not changed, its usage is going through some dramatic changes, and those changes are definitely not going to please everyone. Why? Because Internet!


Writing Skill Builder (A Quick Exercise)

Make a list of words you don’t like to hear.

Poetry Prompt

Write a poem that includes something melting.

Short Story / Fast Fiction Prompt

Write a story in which a character loses one thing, then finds something different.

Essay / Non-Fiction Prompt

Write about your experiences as a fan of something.

Jobs Round Up