John Hewitt’s News, Prompts and Thoughts #1

I’m trying to get back into more of a newsletter mode with my updates. We’ll see how it holds up. The general idea is to give people the prompts that they love, but add a little extra to the mix. It probably won’t be daily, but I’m hoping to get about three updates a week in. Fingers crossed.


RIP Tom Clancy

We start with a little sad news. Tom Clancy, writer of the Jack Ryan novels and other technothrillers has died at the age of 66. I’ve never read his novels, so I only know his stories from the movies, but he was known for his exhaustive research into the details of how government and the military works, which gave his stories an authenticity that is rare in thrillers.

RIP CEO Walter White

“Legal issues aside, Walt would be a fantastic startup founder.”
I’m still thinking about Breaking Bad, and I love this article about how Walter White demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit… and leaves a path or destruction is his wake.

Because I Have Kids

If you want your kids to be smart, you should talk to them and listen to them. It seems obvious, but it is certainly an interesting experience talking to my fourteen-month-old twins. It turns out, they really like saying “Hi”. Thanks to Next Draft for the link.


Writing Skill Builder (A Quick Exercise)

Make a list of words you don’t like and why you don’t like them.

Poetry Prompt

Write a poem that involved a clasp.

Short Story / Fast Fiction Prompt

Write a story in which something falls from the sky.

Essay / Non-Fiction Prompt

Write about how the government shutdown has affected you.


My friends Deb Dorchak and Wendi Kelly have released the third volume in their werewolf and vampires saga. Reclamations is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you love the creatures who go bump in the night (occasionally with each other) then give it a read.