How To Be Beloved by StumbleUpon

No site or service besides Google has sent me more traffic than StumbleUpon. In fact, well over a half million hits have come my way through the StumbleUpon service. At some point, when I was more dedicated to building traffic, I actually spent a lot of time trying to increase my StumbleUpon profile, but I have since learned to just let the service do it’s magic.

The beauty of Stumbleupon is that it is simple. People either give a page (usually an article) a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The more thumbs up you get, the more traffic Stumbleupon sends your way using the “stumble” feature that sends people to sites that the service thinks they will like.

The key to StumbleUpon success is to build pages people like. It’s just that simple. Unlike the methods for getting search engine traffic, you don’t need to stack an article with keywords or come up with some clever way to trick an algorithm. The people decide whether or not they like your articles. In general, judging by what has been popular on my site, stumblers like articles that are informative, funny, and/or help them to accomplish a goal. If you can produce articles that accomplish all three of these things, you’ve got a potential hit on your hands.

Assuming that you’ve been smart enough to join StumbleUpon and put a “Stumble This” link on your page, the rest of the process for getting hits is really just this simple:

  1. Be funny
  2. Be Informative
  3. Help people accomplish a goal


Note: I wrote this article to be a part of the Brilliant Blogger Series at Blogworld blog. they include plenty of other links to great articles about Stumbleupon, which I am adding below.

Article Links from BlogWorld Blog:

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    1. Thanks Serena,

      I hope you gave it a thumbs up. You could probably have a pretty busy blog if all you wrote about was StumbleUpon.

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