Good Reasons to Write Fiction and Poetry

Because you enjoy writing

The reason I write is because I love to write. I don’t always love to write. There are times when I don’t enjoy it at all. Usually, when that happens, i just stop writing for a while. Sooner or later the love comes back. I enjoy putting words together. I enjoy the feeling of being creative. Writing is my creative outlet and it makes me happy.

Because you want to create something

Some people write because they want the result. They may not love the act of writing, but they love the act of creating something and writing is how they do it. It feels good when you finish a piece of writing and are proud of it.

Because there is a story that you want to tell

For some people there are stories that they want to tell, or even need to tell. They experienced something, or saw something, and they are driven to share that story. It may be the story of their life, the story of someone else’s life or even an idea that just popped into their head. Whatever the case, that story stays with them and they want to share it. They have something that they want to say.

Because you want to improve as a writer

Writing is a skill, and developing that skill is a good reason to write fiction and poetry. People who can organize their thoughts and express them effectively gain an advantage in life that many people lack. Writing well is a skill to be treasured.

You’ll notice that money is not listed among the reasons to write fiction and poetry. Writing fiction and poetry is a hard way to make a living. Yes, there are some rich novelists out there. Yes, it is possible that you could be one of them. This is a terrible reason to write though, and your chances of getting rich or even making a living as a novelist are slim. There’s a just enough chance to make it worth your while, if you are writing for good reasons. If you just want to make money though, try copywriting, technical writing or public relations writing. Those are the writing fields that can support you.

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