Freelance businesses, work buddies, newsletters, resumes and how Star Wars should have ended

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Freelance businesses

Freelancers are basically entrepreneurs. Anyone who freelances should treat it as a business or there’s a good chance they won’t be doing much business. Michelle V. Rafter at Wordcount has, a few ideas for people who want to turn their freelance writing skills into a business. I think some of them are better than others. For example, I don’t see hyperlocal news being a big moneymaker, though it is certainly an interesting thing to try. Training, however, is an excellent area for writers to go into. Corporate training can be quite lucrative if you can find the right niche. I also thought the idea of pop up websites was interesting. Those are short-term sites designed to take advantage of a major trend then letting it go once the trend has played out. For example, I could see someone starting a Gulf Spill site right now.

Work buddies

Another great idea for freelancers is to partner with a work buddy. A work buddy is like a writing partner, except that the focus isn’t on collaboration, but on keeping each other focused on your individual projects. Celine Roque at WebWorkerDaily has a nice article about ways to create an effective work buddy relationship. Work buddies can help you solve problems, overcome obstacles and get advice. I know I could use a buddy like that.


For over ten years I have contemplated setting up a newsletter here at From all reports, this is one of the most effective ways of creating a customer/reader base and increasing both readership and conversions for whatever it is your selling (even if it is yourself). Hugh MacLeod has a new article out at CopyBlogger discussing his newsletter and how it has been more effective for him than press from major newspapers and books. He also discusses his simple method for increasing his subscriber base. I have a feeling this article is also going to help his newsletter grow.

Freelance Resumes

In yesterday’s post I mentioned an article in which they discuss eliminating resumes. On the other side of that fence comes an article from Susan Johnston at The Urban Muse about the reasons freelancers need resumes. The most important reason is that many clients expect it. As much as others say to the contrary, in the professional world, a resume is expected even for freelancers. I keep an online portfolio complete with resumes in three different formats as well as references and samples. I recommend that you do the same.

How Star Wars should have ended

In the category of just for fun, this is how Star Wars (the original) should have ended.

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