Here are a few articles I’ve written about fiction writing.

  1. Plotting by Elimination
  2. What to Do Once the Crisis is Settled
  3. Maintaining your Novel’s Pace-Time Continuum
  4. Explaining the unreliable narrator
  5. Formatting a short story for submission to a potential publisher
  6. Creating a believable world
  7. Developing an idea into a novel
  8. How to Write a 50,000 Word Novel in a Month
  9. Deciding on a Narrative Voice
  10. There is no right way to write a novel
  11. Six Quick Tips For Starting Your Story
  12. Six Quick Tips for Writing Descriptions
  13. Six quick ways to jump start a stalled novel
  14. Questions you should ask yourself when you are describing things for a story
  15. How Setting Influences Story
  16. How Good is Your Bad Guy?
  17. Building Better Novels Through Conflict
  18. 10 days of character building wrap up
  19. Character Bio Sheets
  20. Mapping out your novel’s characters
  21. Twelve questions that will help you create your character
  22. Basing characters on real people
  23. Building characters through adversity
  24. Exploring characters through their possessions
  25. Creating a character biography
  26. Building Characters by Brainstorming
  27. Using interviewing to create fictional characters
  28. Using a normal day to define your character
  29. Building a character from multiple perspectives
  30. Are Your Characters Well Spoken, or is it Just You?
  31. Creating a role-playing character biography
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