Character Biography for Delbert “Dell” Martin

Below is a character biography I have been working on for my planned NaNoWriMo story. The goal with the biography for me is mainly to get some character details I can draw in as the story progresses. Dell is meant to be the lead character, but by necessity, he is not as flamboyant as some of the other characters I intend to introduce. I think he is interesting, but not a flashy character. If you read my post, Character Bio Sheets, you’ll see that I left some items off. The sheet is meant to be a tool that you can fill in as you go. This is what I have for him so far, and I will add more as I get more thoughts about the character.


Character Name: Delbert Martin

Nickname / Alias: Dell

Date of Birth:  August 29th, 1995

Place of Birth: Tucson, Arizona

Residence:  Dell lives in the town of Santa Creda. He lives in a tiny apartment above a sandwich shop. He moved there about a year earlier to take a job.

General Appearance:  Dell is pleasant looking, but not the type of person people notice for his looks. He is relatively fit, with a surprising amount of upper body strength for his size. He tends to dress neatly, if somewhat blandly.  He prefers solid colors, and mainly dresses in blues, grays, and browns.

Height: Five foot nine.

Weight: 155 pounds.

Clothing Sizes: Wears medium shirts and size 32 pants.

Clothing Choices:  For casual wear Dell generally wears Jeans and a t-shirt. For work he wears khakis and a polo shirt.

Hair: Dell has dark brown hair that he wears short, usually about two inches long. He does not have a beard or mustache.

Eye Color: Brown

Handedness: Right

Jewelry: He does not wear jewelry.

Tattoos / Marks: None

Role in the Story: Dell is the lead protagonist. If there are scenes without him, they will be few and probably focused on Zeke.

Key Relationships: Dell and Zeke spend most days together, he is the closest friend Dell has.  Mari was his best friend growing up. He had romantic feelings toward her that were never realized. Del’s Mother Rozalia has a somewhat strained relationship with him. He also has three older brothers, with whom he seldom speaks. They are eight, ten, and thirteen years older than him. Dell was closer to his father, who died three years earlier. Dell has another high school friend, Jared, but does not keep in touch after Mari began dating him. Dell has some interest in Janie, a girl who works the checkout counter at the independent grocery/convenience store across the street from the sandwich shop.

Education: Dell has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Information Systems. He is also a high school graduate. He graduated both schools with honors and has always been a good student who likes to read.

Work History: For the past year and a half, Dell has worked as an overnight Junior System Administrator for a health insurance company. He works three twelve-hour shifts a week and is alone for most of his shift. He sometimes gets called in on additional nights because they have trouble keeping other overnight personnel. During college he worked part-time at a call center for a prescription drug provider.

Skills: Dell spent two years on his high school wrestling team, and although he was never one of the top wrestlers, he has an above-average ability to defend himself. Dell is fairly handy with carpentry tools and general household maintenance. Dell can pick basic locks, especially padlocks. He can juggle, although nothing fancy. He spends a lot of time reading and trying to teach himself things.

Phobias / Fears:  Fears rejection and feeling unwelcome. Fears losing his temper. Fears failure, especially financial failure.

Good Qualities:  Dell is loyal to his friends, perhaps to a fault. He is good with money. He is trustworthy. He rarely drinks and does not smoke.

Bad Habits / Vices: Tends to close off to people when he is angry, often frustrating people who do not know what they have done to upset him. He is easily upset when people discount his opinion because of his age.

Quirks: Keeps a drawer full of wooden pencils that he can break when he is angry. Reliant on the wifi connection from the sandwich shop for his Internet.

Goals and Motivations: Dell values his independence. His biggest motivation is to remain employed and able to keep his apartment and live alone.  Dell’s older brothers have tended to be, in his opinion, unreliable and overly needy, with one or more of them moving back home due to job losses, divorces, and other mishaps. Dell also wants to contribute something to the world, which is why he helps maintain the shrines with Zeke.

Favorite Food: Oranges, preferably Navel and Valencia oranges . Dell usually eats five or six oranges a day. He also eats a lot of sandwiches due to his proximity to a sandwich shop.

Favorite Music: Dell is fond of indie rock bands, especially Wilco and My Morning Jacket. He also likes some older country/folk musicians such as Townes Van Zandt, Woody Guthrie, and John Prine.


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