Angry Birds and Bloggers

Like much of the world, I recently found myself obsessed with the game Angry Birds (aff). It’s available on several mobile platforms, but I play on my iPod Touch. It’s a fun game in which you launch birds (why a flying creature needs to be launched, I’m not sure) at various structures trying to defeat the green pigs that have stolen your eggs. I was obsessed with it for about a week until I hit a level that I just could not beat. After about 60 attempts I figured out that I could actually go back to having a life, so I stopped playing.

If you blog, and if you like the game Angry Birds, I suggest you check out Deb Ng’s article, 5 Blogging Lessons Learned from Angry Birds over at Kommein. It’s a fun and informative read.

Update: My cutting and pasting failed to provide the right link to Deb’s article the first time. Please find it here: 5 Blogging Lessons Learned from Angry Birds

4 thoughts on “Angry Birds and Bloggers

  1. I got sucked into Pokemon a while back. Didn’t have a memory card for the Gameboy, so I had to play it nonstop for 4 days. My friend and I switched off on Gameboy duty so we wouldn’t be defeated by a need for sleep. We eventually got bored and went back to our regular duties of smoking entirely too much and playing entirely too many video games on the PS2. But it was a good little adventure.

    1. Hey Serena,

      I’ve had too many game obsessions over the past few years. That’s why I gave up Facebook games for the new year.

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