Hi, I’m John Hewitt and this is my web site. It is an old site that is long past its prime. Welcome!

I wrote many of the articles on this site in the mid-1990s, before there ever even was a poewar.com. Back then this site was a subpage of a long-gone service called StarNet. I first started writing the articles here in 1994. In 1999, I finally got the poewar.com domain you see here. So, it has been PoeWar.com for nearly 20 years now. My second big streak of writing articles came between 2005 and 2009, so even most of the “newer” articles about writing are at least that old.

It was about 2010 that I just ran out of gas. I had nothing more to say about writing. Also, Facebook was killing the idea of blogging as a career. Don’t get me wrong, there were and are people making a living off of just a blog, and at its peak this site made around $2000 a month, but blogging became all about SEO, marketing, and clickbait, and I was never very interested in being a salesman. When it came to self-promotion, this site was my self-promotion. I found that I was spending my time promoting the thing I had created to promote myself, and that was just too much. In 2012, I started a great new job and my wife and I had twins, and this site moved even further down my list of priorities. Since then it has mostly lingered on, generating  a little coffee money for me off the few clicks I get on ads.


I’m working on a rebirth now that social media is imploding and individuality is starting to make a comeback. We’ll see how it goes.