30 Poems in 30 Days 2011 – Day 2

Today’s Poetry Prompt

Write a poem that involves a sequence of events or steps such as a process, a recipe, instructions, or anything that could only happen in a certain order.

5 thoughts on “30 Poems in 30 Days 2011 – Day 2

  1. Eating the Weeds

    The battery has to charge first
    This is an excellent way to put things off
    Sometimes the string has to be replaced
    And you have to wear eye protection
    Which can conveniently go missing

    After that the excuses run out
    You have to pick up the damn thing
    Hold down the button
    And let it slice into the vegetation
    Smelling the color green

    Plants and dirt and rocks fly from its wrath
    As the tall weeds fall
    And the little ones disintegrate
    Sometimes nicking your face or arms
    While you try to hold the vibrating bastard steady
    And cut crooked swaths across what counts for a lawn
    Making constant missteps you have to correct
    Until finally you declare good enough
    Then you have a decision to make
    Rake like a good citizen
    Or let it blow into the yard of the neighbor
    Who called the city on you in the first place

    Afterwards your hands shake
    From holding the wretched thing for too long
    And it’s hard to lift that cold cup of water
    To your dried out mouth

  2. The Falling Down

    I always have visions
    of my next fall

    When I was eight,
    I saw clear as
    slick, clean glass
    my heel
    (I’d be wearing heels?)
    stuck in the lining
    of my winter coat
    as I tumbled
    down rippled black stairs

    then remembered
    when the sight
    of the black bus stairs
    came so close to my nose
    before ridging my hands
    and bouncing me
    onto the New York street

    Falling off the curb
    and breaking my ankle
    in college
    also seemed
    strangely familiar
    as I sat in the gutter
    trying not to cry

    The feeling
    is here again

    This time,
    I see gravel and dirt
    skinned knees
    hobbled pain
    already palpable

    I keep my guard
    watch my step

    But the steps
    are already set
    in clumsy motion

    First, the vision
    then, the fall
    then, the faith
    though previously unseen
    that I will get up

  3. How to Survive a week with my Mother

    Day 1: Tell her how great she looks, how much you missed her and how lucky you are to have such a cool mom

    Day 2: Set up some eggshells,you will need them later

    Day 3: Pretend that a girls day out is the best idea that anyone has ever had

    Day 4: After a full day of her drinking walk on eggshells(told you you’d need them)

    Day 5: Get a migraine, lay in bed and pretend its day 6

    Day 6: A. Tell her this has been the best week ever and we should do this more often
    B. Sing songs to yourself as she does the drunken cryee thing and asks if she was a good mother and tells you how much better your life could be and yaddah yaddah…..

    Day 7: wish you had a 6 Am flight so you didn’t have to be here right now

    Day 8: your home, call your mother she loves you.

  4. How To Behave on the day of a Wake

    1) Wake up and take 2 Xanax

    2) Arrive 10 to 20 minutes late so you don’t have to be alone with the bereaved

    3) Put your hand on their shoulder and give them the ” how sad/I’m here for you” head nod

    4) Bow your head and fake some tears(don’t want to appear completely emotionally bankrupt)

    5) Drive home with the radio blasting and hope no one from the wake sees you jammin’ out in your car

    6) Sit on your couch and crack a cold beer

    7) wonder to yourself what the hell just happened

    8) Cry yourself to sleep

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