Write a poem that gets shorter with each line

We are near the end of this project. Most of our days are behind us and it is time for that final push to get to the finish line. Today is a good day to write poetry. Whether it is clear or raining, calm or exciting, joyful or depressing, this is a good day to write poetry. It is a good day to say what you have to say. I don’t want to get in your way. There are so many good reasons to write poetry:

  • Because it makes you happy
  • Because it makes you think
  • Because it helps you sort through your feelings
  • Because something in your brain wants to get out
  • Because it is fun to rhyme
  • Because you can do it almost anywhere
  • Because it teaches you lessons about life
  • Because it shows the world you are here
  • Because it is fun to not rhyme
  • Because you want to win someone’s love
  • Because you want to make fun of someone or something
  • Because you can keep your poems in a cool leather journal
  • Because you can say whatever it is you want to say
  • Because it gives you a feeling of accomplishment
  • Because every day is a good day to write poetry

Today’s Poetry Prompt

Write a poem that gets shorter with each line.


We lined up four tables in an imperfect right angle
Elephant bags and boxes gathered around me
A shuffle of cards and liquid Mexican flags
How many special people change
Burning but ultimately fulfilling
The music never stops
I can babble on until
It is time to float
To promise
Then soon

6 thoughts on “Write a poem that gets shorter with each line

  1. Liar

    You say you love me but you did not tell me
    That your love barely lasted a moment
    And everything else was a lie
    And when you maxed out
    Our credit cards and
    Left with the cash
    From the bank
    Love meant

  2. I would have liked to have known the girl with the purple hair
    The girl with the Shakespeare and Nina Hagen
    With the red lipstick and Volkswagen
    Intentional holes in her jeans
    She her own invention
    Self expression
    All fiction

  3. Lifting the Veil

    Lifting the veil that clouded my vision for so many years
    I gaze into the dingy dimly-lit mirror that is my life
    And see long weeks of solitude ever-floating
    On dismal days of emptiness and despair
    Dissolving into moments of misery
    And I wonder where I traveled
    During this sojourn of pain
    If others ever noticed
    My vacant eyes or
    The gaping hole
    On my breast
    Scorched by
    Of you
    .-= Jenny Miller´s last blog ..Add Your Poetry =-.

  4. The ball is hard and fast and it smashes into me
    The refs step’s slow, as do my teammates
    I steal one ragged breath from nowhere, another
    The game draws breath and hurries on
    The wind pushes me on
    Pain sings mournfully
    I feel

  5. Sorry – repost to insert 4th line:

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