27 Things This Writer Loved About 2007

  1. Blogging and WordPress – It has never been easier for writers to find an audience
  2. StumbleUpon — They send me more traffic than anyone but Google. If you aren’t a member, sign up now!
  3. OneNote — Finally, Microsoft released a product that a writer can love
  4. Lulu– It has never been faster or cheaper to put a book into print
  5. PhraseExpress — Put your boilerplate on speed dial
  6. FreelanceSwitch – They write about freelancing so I don’t have to
  7. Indeed – A great place to look for a job
  8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows — It’s finally over
  9. 30 Poems in 30 Days — It brought a lot of new friends to the site
  10. NaNoWriMo – 50,000 words in 30 Days!
  11. The 4-Hour Workweek — The book about business every writer should read
  12. Google Reader — The best place to keep track of all my favorite blogs
  13. Zen Habits — I was at least 4% less angry this year thanks to Leo
  14. ProBlogger – And my blog was at least 4% better thanks to Darren
  15. Blind Date With Cavafy — My favorite book of poetry this year
  16. The Comics Curmudgeon — Comic strips today are just plain lousy, and Josh makes that funny
  17. Pearls Before Swine — Proof that comic strips can still be funny
  18. Superbad– Proof that teen sex comedies can still be well-written
  19. Californication – The best show about a washed-up, immature, sex-obsessed writer since Murder She Wrote
  20. Fresh Air — Every year, Terry Gross keeps getting creative people to talk about process without becoming an SNL parody
  21. Tucson Weekly — The only newspaper left in my home town that is worth reading
  22. Free software — Some things are worth the lack of price
  23. The Well-Fed Self Publisher — Every writer who wants to understand the publishing business should read it
  24. Low-Carb Monster Energy Drink — Without it, half this blog would not get written
  25. The Daily Show / The Colbert Report — This double punch is not only funny, it’s given hundreds of writers exposure they would never have gotten otherwise
  26. Want to Write a Novel Badly? Here’s How! — My most popular article this year
  27. WiFi — 2007 was the year that wireless Internet really came of age and I was finally able to blog from anywhere, which coincidentally is where I am most of the time!

6 thoughts on “27 Things This Writer Loved About 2007

  1. Okay, I’m stupid. Now I know what “StumbleUpon” is. (I found you through Google Gadgets, by the way.)
    Loved your list, John! What a nice recap of the year.

  2. I am so glad 2007 is over. But glad it was good to you. Started with a virus on our homesystem. Followed by the car braking down on the kids at the gates of the Lincoln Park Zoo at 2:00Am. The wolves in the zoo did not like the sirens as the ambulances arrived at Children’s Hospital. It got worse. All minor and not life threatening but took much time away from the enjoyment of life and writing.

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